Dynamic Overlay For Sustainable Space Applications

AIL is a smart logistics platform, committed to creating a new logistics Internet model through SaaS cloud system, mobile Internet, and intelligent devices to realize one-stop logistics service information integration, integrated transportation scheduling, and all-round visual process management.

With the advent of the era of "Industry 4.0", the relationship between manufacturing enterprises and supply chains has also been redefined. There are unprecedented expectations for efficiency and performance. The emergence of new technologies, new models and new markets has driven new changes in the entire logistics industry and supply chain.

Before putting the design of office space into practice, it is crucial to deeply understand the brand story and business goals of AIL. Just like the fast, convenient and intelligent in the brand gene, the new AIL office space in the core area of Xuhui, Shanghai, is highly consistent with the brand culture. From design to construction to decoration, it has comprehensive and rapid response. The efficient layout is simple, smooth, soft and interesting.

AIL has an office space of 2000 square meters, which lasts 60 days from planning and design to construction and decoration. This construction period means that the time for planning and design in the early stage is only 15 days, and the time for decoration and layout in the later stage is 45 days. The whole process reflects the rapid response and efficient implementation of WDS.

The fast design process benefits from AIL's clear requirements. When the design meets the requirements directly, it not only reduces the potential risk of repeated uncertainty, but also reduces the cost of design changes.

The speed of construction is first reflected in the selection of materials. The finished materials that can be directly used are preferred to minimize the finishing; secondly, through the rationalization of project management, the efficiency of team collaboration has improved.

The speed of the decoration process also stems from the deep understanding and mutual trust between AIL and WDS, which is fast in confirmation and fewer changes, so that the later decoration scheme can be implemented quickly.

For AIL, which is in the process of industrial iteration and industrial upgrading, the creation of a new office environment is a valuable opportunity to pass on the future oriented development culture of the enterprise to the outside world and employees. As an intelligent supply chain platform, more efficient and flexible collaboration is the core of AIL office space.

The plane layout looks simple, but all moving lines show a flexible and smooth feeling. No matter you go left or right, you will arrive at the destination quickly. Each space unit is independent of each other and interacts with each other. In fact, it forms a dynamic superposition effect through intelligent space combination, and orderly integration enables space to achieve the integrity of 1+1>2.

This is a semi arc irregular space, in which many columns still stand, which is a design difficulty. However, after the completion of the project, people could not see a single column. The columns were all accommodated by the appropriate combination space, as if they were unique creativity.

In the newly created combined space, the lines from top to bottom are round and soft, and the layout and decoration are modern and simple. The fresh and bright blue and white, the bare ceiling and partially decorated ceiling intersperse, form a transparent and open breathing sense visually, and also extending and releasing psychologically.

A flexible and interesting space can stimulate employees' creativity and work enthusiasm.

How can a static space better adapt to changing business needs? This is a question we often think about. Only through more sustainable design solutions can we deal with greater uncertainty.

Space is created by people, and only by enhancing users' passion and creativity can we maximize productivity. AIL's office space is another attempt and challenge of sustainable and flexible design.

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