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Talent Concept

WDS is a Company Moving Forward Steadily, and Talent are Our Source of Strength.

Over the past 15 years, WDS has been committed to cultivating an open, inclusive, diverse, innovative and long-term talent team.
We believe in the power of the team, whether you are a thinker, creator, manager, can shine in the right place.

Available Positions
Please send your resume to HR by email:
Senior Designer
Location: Shanghai
Job Description:
1.Provide high quality original design solutions according to design specifications and customer requirements;
2.Independently complete the overall scheme design on the basis of the conceptual scheme, including conceptual design, initial expansion and construction drawing coordination and overall construction coordination;
3.Allocate working time reasonably to ensure that the design results are completed on time and in good quality;
4.Cooperate with the business department and the Engineering department to coordinate the relationship between customers, construction, materials and budget, ensure that the design scheme meets the customer's budget requirements and construction feasibility, supervise the construction results in line with the effect requirements of the design scheme, participate in the acceptance of the construction quality, and put forward professional advice.
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in decoration design, interior design or related;
2.More than 8 years of interior design experience, with office or commercial space design management experience, and mature case tracking experience (need to provide representative project cases);
3.Familiar with Sketchup, CAD, PS, PPT, enscape and other related software;
4.Have good space concept and design taste, and have certain innovation ability;
5.Strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills, able to actively cooperate with other colleagues to complete relevant design and on-site coordination work;
6.Good command of written and spoken English. Ability to speak English is preferred.
Construction Drawing Designer
Location: Shanghai
Job Description:
1.Ability to complete interior construction in-depth design independently (skilled in drawing construction drawings, node drawings, detailed drawings, etc.), able to cooperate with the scheme designer to complete construction drawing;
2.Strictly implement the work arrangement of department leaders;
3.Actively communicate with the scheme designer, clarify the design ideas, and improve the design scheme;
4.solve all kinds of problems in the site effectively, and communicate with the scheme designer in time.
1.2 years or above working experience;
2.Familiar with project workflow, design requirements, drawing standards, etc., preferably able to independently complete the drawing of construction drawings of design schemes, familiar with construction materials, construction technology and node structure, and understand the characteristics of decorative materials;
3.Proficient in AUTOCAD/PHOTOSHOP/3DMAX and other drawing software, skilled in drawing skills;
4.Have a high sense of responsibility, efficient executive ability and good team communication and coordination ability, can work under pressure.
Assistant Interior Designer
Location: Shanghai
Job Description:
1. Assist to follow up interior design projects such as office or commercial space and communicate with clients;
2. Make PPT presentation in English, and cooperate with the project to report in both English and Chinese;
3. Cooperate with the designer to complete the related effect drawing, construction drawing and other work;
4. Assist the project in the process of design modification;
5. Assist to complete other tasks assigned by Manager.
1. At least 3 years working experience, relevant office space project design experience is preferred;
2. College degree or above, major in interior design, decoration design, building environment design is preferred;
3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and self-drive, have a sense of team work;
4. Familiar with Sketchup, CAD, PS, PPT, enscape and other related software;
5. Good written and spoken English is a plus;
6. Welcome aspirant and studious graduates.
Location: Shanghai
Job Description:
1. Prepare project budget estimate, project tender, construction drawing budget and completion settlement;
2. Master the progress of the construction site, review the visa and design changes in the process of the project and quote;
3. Participate in engineering construction, materials and equipment inquiry, review and check raw material purchase.
1. Engineering cost or related major, college degree or above, more than 1 year decoration industry budget determination experience;
2. Familiar with drawings, material price, material brand and approximate price of the corresponding field, have a certain quantity analysis ability;
3. Proficient in engineering cost software and office software;
4. Familiar with the construction process and process of the project site and calculate the cost of the site;
5. Strong sense of responsibility, have a good sense of team work.
Project Coordinator
Location: Shanghai
Job Description:
1. Communicate with customers in a timely and professional manner, connect project information, confirm customer inquiries and other requirements;
2. Independently responsible for project follow-up work, including receiving and replying customer emails, project billing application, record, etc;
3. Cooperate with business report to register and file;
4. Coordinate with partners, manage project progress, organize meetings and record work in time, and be responsible for timely and high-quality delivery of projects;
5. Cooperate with other tasks assigned by leader.
1. Have a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, have a sense of team work;
2. Proficient in Excel, word,ppt and other office software;
3. Good knowledge of business etiquette, including meeting and presentation etiquette;
4. Good command of written or spoken English is preferred;
5. Experience in interior decoration projects is preferred;
6. Aspirant and studious graduates are acceptable.
Project Manager
Location: National
Job Description:
1. Responsible for engineering project management, including organization management, schedule control, quality control, safety management, subcontracting management;
2. Make construction organization plan, responsible for project construction process management, internal and external communication;
3. Arrange and coordinate the work of each post of the project team according to the project requirements, and coordinate the relationship between the owner and the property;
4. Responsible for participating in the bidding work in the early stage of the project,Engineering quality management, organize technical disclosure and node acceptance
5. Responsible for completion acceptance and project handover;
6. Ensure project progress and quality to meet company standards and satisfy.customers.
1. The qualification certificate of Class II Constructor or above is required; First-class certificate is preferred;
2. 5 years or above office interior decoration experience is required (foreign office decoration experience is preferred); Under 45 years old;
3. Have certain decoration, mechanical and electrical installation professional knowledge, can guide the site construction work independently;
4. Strong planning and execution skills, strong communication and coordination skills, strong customer service awareness;
5. Major in engineering, architectural decoration and related, familiar with architectural decoration engineering process and management;
6. Be able to travel.
Safety Manager
Location: National
Job Description:
1. Developed and implemented project safety precautions under the leadership of the project manager;
2. Implement and publicize national safety regulations, rules and regulations, and supervise and inspect the implementation;
3. Develop safety work plans and conduct safety education for construction personnel;
4. Go deep into the site, study unsafe factors, put forward suggestions for improvement, and stop violations;
5. Do a good job of project safety protection, civilized construction work, strive for safety and civilization standards of the site.
1. More than 1 year working experience in construction and decoration industry, with safety Officer C certificate;
2. Familiar with national and industrial safety management laws and regulations and related management regulations, familiar with safety management procedures, have a high sense of responsibility;
3. Able to complete safety management independently, supervise and guide the subcontractor, be active in work, good at communication, and be able to complete safety management according to the instructions of the project manager;
4. Have a sense of responsibility and team spirit.
Construction Documenter
Location: National
Job Description:
1. Audited, counted and filed the materials required at all stages from project initiation to completion;
2. Cooperate with and participate in the government construction application of construction projects, familiar with the application process;
3. Collected project data, contracts, bidding and other materials;
4. Handle stamp management of various materials and project seals;
5. Responsible for project schedule management;
6. Responsible for the preparation of project bidding documents;
7. Cooperate with other work arranged by leaders.
1. College degree or above, experience in tender making or project construction is preferred;
2. Familiar with the process of architectural decoration projects and related technical specifications;
3. Strong communication skills and team spirit.
Furniture Operator
Location: National
Job Description:
1. Cooperate with the project to carry out office furniture purchasing operation to place orders;
2. Cooperate with scheme designers to complete the project furniture program and quotation;
3. Responsible for furniture procurement cost control, complete the supplier contract signing and subsequent delivery and installation matters;
4. Responsible for furniture after-sales tracking service.
1. More than three years in the furniture industry, furniture factory work experience is preferred;
2. Familiar with furniture related materials and equipment and manufacturing process;
3. Familiar with furniture deep drawings;
4. Good communication and coordination ability, expression ability and teamwork spirit.