HMG Supply Chain

HMG is a leading technology advanced industrial supply chain service enterprise in China. With 27 years of steady development, HMG has 18 bonded warehouses in 12 cities across the country. HMG has become a digital cross-border supply chain integrated service platform integrating online and offline, which can provide customers with cross-border trade, customs clearance, logistics, financing and other supply chain integration services.

HMG continues innovating and developing, and its team is also growing. The office space of Shanghai headquarters was expanded and upgraded in 2022. From design to construction to furniture, WDS assisted HMG in creating a more scientific and digital four floor modern office space in Zhangjiang Hi Tech Guochuang Building.

Stepping into the lobby on the first floor, you will first see the open and tall space, and then look closely. in fact, there is a rich functional deployment in the integration.

On the right side of the front desk are two negotiation rooms with good lighting, and a practical mail room is hidden inside the negotiation room. The wisdom of design lies in making the best use of every inch of space, but there is no sense of cramping in the feeling, only feeling that it flows naturally and everything is reasonable.

From the second floor to the fourth floor, each floor carries an open and spacious office area, which is the heaven for brain workers, but also the stage for inspiration collision.

In the center surrounded by busy work stations, near the light of the patio, is a warm "island of habitat". This "island" faces the sky, with warm spring flowers, and it is warm and distributed in every floor of the office building as usual throughout the year.

When the brain is tired, when the lumbar vertebrae feel stiff, when the eyeballs want to escape from the blue light... No, you can go to the island at any time as long as you feel the need. On the island, the heart is free, the body is stretched, and the soul can live poetically.

The influence of color on space is a subtle choice, and the right choice can bring a transformative impact on health and productivity.

Because color affects people's thinking and feeling, some colors make people want to release energy, some colors make people calm and self contained, and some colors make people feel warm and soft.

The color of the "Island of Habitat" in the rest area is from the ceiling to the floor. It is a bright and warm color system with rich layers, which makes people relaxed. The leasure space is full of vitality because of the color contrast.

The careful exploration of color can deepen the relationship between people and space. Breaking through the boundaries of color and creating some new and customized color combinations can create new experiences, behaviors and cultures in the office.

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