A Flexible Space Born of Beauty. Research and Development Center Of Jinjia

Jinjia is a well-known beauty personal care cutting-edge enterprise in China, headquartered in Shanghai, with branches in the United States, Japan, Hangzhou, Wuxi and other places. The newly completed Jinjia Shanghai R&D Center, located in Hongqiao International Central Business District, is a comprehensive innovation center that integrates concept conception, product development, formula experiment, efficacy test and consumer experience.

At the beginning of the project, the design team was faced with a difficult challenge: there was a height difference of 1.05 meters between the front and the back of the building. The front of the building was along the street, and the back was facing the park. The original space on the first floor was not connected from front to back, so the height difference relationship could not be felt visually. There is no doubt that staggered floor building structure poses a difficult problem to space design.

First of all, the solution to the problem is how to combine functions and effect in the plan, and the real test is how to turn the difficulties into highlights.

Planning begins with deep cultivation of demand and scientific planning based on local conditions, and creativity is reflected in the ingenuity of details. According to the demand, Jinjia Shanghai R&D Center plans the fourth to fifth floors as the R&D area, the second to third floors as the office area, and the first floor comprehensively covers five functional areas, namely the reception area of the front office, the product exhibition area, the conference area, the negotiation area, and the logistics area.

Jinjia has a wealth product line of beauty cosmetics and personal care. It has opened all the shops facing the street in the original building structure and planned a product exhibition area in the golden location. From the outside to the inside, the lobby looks like a huge window of dreams, and the immersive experience is a wonderful feeling within your reach.

The entrance of the lobby and the entrance of the office area are adjusted to be the connection of left and right dislocation, forming a dynamic line of drainage in combination with the background wall, which also makes the space more flexible and elegant.

From the material selection to the color use, we are committed to creating the naturalness and softness conveyed by the beauty personal care brand.

A highlight of mutual satisfaction of the design team and the owner is to build a staircase multi-function hall from the difficulty of height difference of the original staggered floors.

The right side of the hall goes deeper along the product exhibition area, which is another open area. It is both a media center and a training center; It can move, it can be still, and also can be put or collected. It is a free and open stage, suitable for various styles of dance.

This is an enterprise that creates and transmits beauty. Beauty is both a gene and a productive force. The design team understands that Jinjia is born of beauty and should integrate beauty into every detail of the space.

Pure and soft colors, flexible and lively space combination, simple and fashionable decoration layout are extended to every space design.

As a new beauty personal care enterprise with independent R&D capability, Jinjia adheres to product technology innovation and independent R&D, and actively explores the fine skin care needs of new generation users.

The R&D Center has set up a full system scientific laboratory from R&D to inspection, equipped with global leading technical resources, so as to continuously lead the technological innovation of products.

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