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Breathe Efficiently and Freely in a Tech Office Space

Qualcomm is a world leading wireless technology innovator. It has been operating in China for more than 20 years and has expanded into a wide range of industries such as smartphones, integrated circuits, the Internet , big data, software, automobiles and many other industries.

WDS has continuously served Qualcomm for more than 10 years, covering Qualcomm's office spaces in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Wuxi and other cities in China.

Qualcomm is entering the global mobile working environment. This time, the office located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, has a total space area of 3220㎡. It hopes to break the traditional office layout and enhance the creativity and enthusiasm of employees by creating a more flexible and activity-based working environment.

WDS undertakes the full range of services including strategic planning, space design, construction and decoration of this project.

With the change of working methods, the functional requirements of modern office space are also different than ever before. Especially in the rapidly changing Internet and and technology and innovation-oriented enterprises, the office space has also presented more flexible demands.

Efficient layout planning and flexible dynamic line design make the whole office space showing a sense of free flowing. The modular design can not only meet the reuse of space, but also adapt to the changing needs in the future.

The flexible meeting space is determined by the user’s demand, adhering to simplicity and clearness to achieve efficient collaboration.

Light is the source of all things. Light in space is the existence of vitality. Through the scientific layout of light, let the whole space ‘live’.

Scientific light source also means a more comfortable visual experience, which can improve work efficiency and take care of the physical and mental health of users.

Scientific and creative enterprises are a stage for the brain to soar. Only by resting at the right time and relaxing comfortably, can we achieve more creative results.

The temperature from the trees and the vast sky create a breathing rest area. At this moment, let go of the screen, the keyboard and the tension.

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